Been There. Done That.

Markowitz Communications is a full-service public relations agency offering creative and social media services. We know the Pittsburgh media market better than anyone, and have strong relationships with many reporters that, in some cases, go back decades. We aren’t limited to Pittsburgh. Our firm has completed large-scale projects on a national level from working in New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, Atlanta, and more.  

We have helped so many local, national and even international clients reach their goals:  Cirque du Soleil, Feld Entertainment, Simon Property Group, CBL & Associates Properties, Inc., Pamela’s Diner(s), the Speakeasy at the Omni William Penn Hotel, Dave and Buster’s, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership’s Picklesburgh, Pyrotecnico, The EQT Three Rivers Regatta, California Pizza Kitchen, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Qdoba, Bill’s Bar & Burger and more. 

We are a boutique firm that can take on high-profile accounts of any size. We make ourselves available to brainstorm and troubleshoot whenever you need us. We’re not shy about sharing our opinions, but we’re also here to listen.  

Saul has been known to respond to clients while at Pittsburgh Penguins games, birthday parties and Disney World. He’s always on call to brainstorm ideas and concerns. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

“Markowitz Communications has mastered the art of pitching a story. In any market throughout the state, whatever the assignment, they have found a way to make it work for AT&T. Markowitz is our secret weapon.”


– Lenora Vesio, Director of Public Relations, AT&T Pennsylvania

Top 14 Capabilities

At Markowitz Communications, we offer our clients a proactive, integrated approach to marketing and public relations. In everything we do – press releases to event planning, advertising campaigns to brainstorming – we’re always looking to maximize our clients’ media exposure while minimizing their expenditures.

Photo credit: First Cirque du Soleil image with cricket and spider: Archie Carpenter

1.  Media Connections

The Markowitz staff has a well-earned reputation among its many national and local media contacts. Reporters know and respect our work, which has proven to be a valuable asset for our clients. We got PetSmart featured in USA Today, Newsweek, Business Week, and “Fox & Friends.” We got “Good Morning America” to shoot a live show at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium. We got the Children’s Institute featured in Family Circle Magazine, and Wentworth Gallery artist Peter Max to appear on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.” We got a massive amount of national attention for The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s “Rubber Duck Project”:  CNN, “Good Morning America,” “NBC Nightly News,” among many other local, regional, national and international media outlets. 

2. Targeted Media Lists

We have a lot of resources at our disposal when compiling effective media lists for our clients. We combine online databases with our own proprietary research in key markets. Our extensive history working with top media throughout the major DMAs has enabled us to compile a strong proprietary list of media contacts.

3.  Media Training

We understand that not everyone is prepared for his or her 15 minutes of fame. We help our clients feel more comfortable by offering tips, rehearsing possible questions and answers, reviewing important points to be covered, providing background on individual reporters and constantly speaking with the media.

4.  ROI Analysis and Media Tracking

We are constantly evaluating and customizing our media tracking based on specific client needs, using both national and regional resources. We also work with our clients to establish the right formula for evaluating ROI so that we are able to provide consistent and relevant reporting.

5.  Strategic Planning and Brand Development

We sit down with our clients to listen carefully to their needs and help them establish goals and objectives. We then develop materials (micro-sites, press releases, media alerts and pitch letters) and a public relations plan (key markets, key media outlets) that works towards achieving those goals. In addition, we always stress the importance of presenting a clear and consistent message that reflects the client’s brand or identity in the marketplace.             

6.  Consumer Trend Monitoring

When we set up media monitoring, we don’t just simply watch out for our clients, we intensely search news resources for our clients’ competitors – large and small – as well as other industry keywords. This way, you’re never taken completely by surprise, and always have a plan for every eventuality.

7.  News Monitoring

Many public relations opportunities emerge out of the news cycle. Heat waves, snowstorms, disasters, recalls, medical breakthroughs – these types of breaking-news stories allow us (when appropriate) to position our clients as resources or experts for the media to use when covering these events. 

8.  Art Direction and Design Projects

We never simply hire photographers or designers and leave them to their own devices. We are always on the set during all photo and video shoots, and we keep in constant contact with designers. This type of hands-on management results in high quality products that exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.       

9.  Editorial Services

We don’t believe in sending out press release after ordinary, predictable press release. Sometimes we write entire press releases in Spanish; sometimes we don’t write them at all, and instead create micro-sites or tip sheets (like the “Smart-E” for PetSmart). Whatever the medium, our message is always well crafted and never ordinary.

10.  Crisis Communications

Every organization experiences its share of crises; it’s just a fact of modern life. We’re available to help minimize any damage, and find effective ways of moving forward. Our philosophy has always been to remain as proactive as possible during any crisis that occurs. (Confidentiality and discretion prohibit us from going into greater detail.) 

11.  Deadlines and Budgets

You need it when? Ok, we can do that. What’s your budget? Ok, we can work with that–and we’ll even suggest ways of streamlining costs when we can. The one thing we never do is surprise our clients with hidden charges.

12.  Advertising Campaigns

From the creative product to the media buy, we present clients with a complete campaign designed to get the right message to the right audience.

13.  Grand Openings and Press Events

When we say “Grand,” we really mean it. Through the years, we’ve had the opportunity to coordinate some high-visibility events for the Center for Inclusion in Health Care at UPMC, Dollar Bank, Simon Property Group, Macy’s, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, PetSmart, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Good Taste Pittsburgh, Cirque du Soleil, AT&T and Aramark at PNC Park, to name a few. 

14.  Brainstorming and Troubleshooting

We’re here to listen, but we’re also not shy about sharing our opinions. Whatever the problem, we’re happy to help you tackle it. 

“Markowitz Communications has been a wonderful partner in our communications efforts in Pittsburgh. We struggled getting our message out about the great retail options and activities at both Ross Park Mall and South Hills Village until we aligned with Saul and his team. They have increased our coverage and are always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.”


– Les Morris, Director of Public Relations, Simon Property Group

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Since opening our doors in 1997, we have worked with a wide variety of clients on a vast amount of projects. From restaurant openings to art festivals and press conferences, we have done it all. Check out a sample of our work to get to know us better and see what we can do for you.

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